Hey everyone, it’s been a while eh? I thought I’d post a thing about how awesome my students are.

The regular lecture feed will resume in January of 2022 (I have a sabbatical coming up for the fall term.

Here’s to hoping we’re face to face by then!

Bye for 2019/2020

So in the midst of all of the BS that’s going on (the pandemic and my broken leg) I didn’t get to give my farewell speech to students.

Well, here it is.

mp3 download

Social Distancing via Leg Fracture

Hi everyone.

So 3506 is done anyway, my part anyway, as it’s just student presentations left. Stats, well, there’s still stuff to do, but I have all of the old classes available in podcast form!

Classes are cancelled. Mine already were because I broke my leg (!), but now the university has cancelled classes due to #COVID19 (which is the right call).

See you in September.

Music ‘First Semester Freedom Fighter’ by Hell of Highwater.

mp3 download