Dr. Jennifer Foote

J. Foote

Associate Professor, Chair
Department of Biology
Algoma University
1520 Queen St. East
Sault Ste Marie, ON
P6A 2G4

Office: BT 404
Lab: BT 408
Phone: (705) 949-2301 Ext. 4368
Fax: (705) 949-6583
Email: jennifer.foote@algomau.ca

I study animal communication with a particular focus on the role of singing behaviour in the ecology and evolution of songbirds. Bird song has a dual function and is used in both territory defence and mate choice. My research focuses on how birds interact vocally to determine the relative territorial defense and mate attraction functions of multi-component signalling behaviours (e.g. the dawn chorus). My research also focuses on the behavioural ecology of species at risk including chimney swifts and piping plovers. Please contact me if you are interested in joining the lab.

Lab News

ChickadeeCongrautlations to Mandy Ehnes aon her recently published paper in Bioacoustics.

New: Photos from the 2014 Honours thesis class and 2013 Field Season


Interesting Fact!

Peregrine falcons may reach speeds of 200 miles per hour when diving for prey. They use their balled-up talons to knock out their prey, then catch the hapless, falling bird before it hits the ground or water.