Dr. Brandon Schamp
Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Algoma University
1520 Queen Street East
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario P6A 2G4
Phone: 705.949.2301 ext.4358
Email: brandon.schamp(at)algomau.ca
Fax: 705.949.6583

Current Lab Members
Danielle Greco has joined the lab as a Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Internship. That means she gets to stick around and learn about plants for a whole year. She's working on a variety of projects in the lab ranging from understanding canopy influences on spring ephemeral populations in local forests to understanding overlap in rooting characters among positively co-occurring plant species. Danielle's unofficial job title is "Flag Maintenance Chief"
Ryan Pelletier is one of the shortest term Honours Thesis students I've ever had, having signed up only to very quickly be accepted into Pharmacy school. Congratulations to Ryan! He's also going to continue to work on his project exploring the relative importance of competition among plant species varying in mature size. In this picture, Ryan gives us his best 'Plant Genie' pose.
Riley Gridzak has joined the lab as a summer research student. She's helping with a variety of projects, but has become expert at counting plants, and debearding seeds. Yes, that's an actual thing. We even bought a de-bearder for the lab. Yes, that's an actual thing too, although it doesn't work too well on our very small, bearded seeds. Riley has also taken it upon herself to tackle the role of 'Chief Lab Caricaturist'. And yes, that's a real thing.
Alecia Finateri has started an Honours Thesis project working in our lab, as well as in the Antunes lab. Alecia is exploring the importance of seedling herbivory in the assembly of mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal transplants in our study community. We're hoping her thesis title will be something like: "A small mammal ate my thesis project". Here's a picture of Alecia photo-bombing my grass photo.
Erica Brescacin has joined our lab as a volunteer, where she will perfect the wild and wooly art of seed separation and enumeration. Based on what we know of her so far, she is also likely to spend time in the lab smiling broadly.
Lidianne Santos has joined the lab as a volunteer, and with an eye to undertaking a thesis project with us over the course of next year. Here she is becoming familiar with our 75 pound, probably 75 year old Bausch and Lomb dissecting microscope. Moving this device once a day is considered equivalent to 45 minutes at the gym.
Ryan Devon has been volunteering the lab this year, conducting all manner of tasks for us. Here, I asked Ryan whether he liked weighing nearly 1000 bags worth of dried plant biomass. He didn't answer with words; he just looked at me this way.
Samara Al-Ani shows her volunteer skills by stretching out a clean line of seeds for counting. We decided she needed a mysterious action shot for her profile here. As a side note, until I find enough money for that Swiss seed-counting machine, there will be lots of pictures like this one here.
Jillian Marquis has joined the lab for the summer, and has taken on the role of field-worker extraordinaire. She fears no rain nor blistering heat! Jillian has dedicated herself to capturing the very first real live Leprechaun in our field. Good luck Jillian.
Mike Lavender, former MSc student, has moved on to Queen's where he has started his PhD, co-supervised by Shelley Arnott, Jim Rusak, and myself. He's continuing to pursue his interests in patterns related to limiting similarity and species co-occurrence.