Friends and Colleagues

Lonnie Aarssen - Plant Ecology

Scott Wilson - Plant Ecology

Shelley Arnott - Aquatic Ecology

Robert Laird - Theoretical Ecology

Stephanie Doucet - Avian Behavioural & Evolutionary Ecology

Daniel Mennill - Behavioural Ecology of Communication in Birds

Michael Kasumovic - Mating System Ecology

Michal Hájek - Mire Ecology

John Klironomos - Fungal Ecology

Jeremy Lundholm - Plant Ecology

Stephen Bonser - Plant Ecology

Jason Pither - Community and Landscape Ecology

Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde - Flying Squirrel Sex Research

Steven Vamosi - Evolutionary Ecology


Istvan Imre - Fish Ecology

Pedro Antunes - Invasion Biology

Jennifer Foote - Animal Communication

PLANT AND/OR DATA RELATED - A place to connect with some nice plants

USGS Plants Database - A good source of plant names, although you should never call a plant names

Vegbank - A repository of data that people are finished using

Prairie Moon Seeds - A source of native seed for wild plants that you might want to experiment with

Northern Ontario Plant Database - A plant database unmatched in its meticulous upkeep

Flora of the British Isles - Newly updated, and great for plant characters

LTER - An excellent source for long-term ecological data from many areas

Western Ag Innovation - A good solution to the crappy way we've been measuring soil nutrients for years

LEDA Traitbase - A repository of plant trait data and proof that many parents taught their kids to share

Phylomatic - Like magic, it tells you how plants are related

Phylocom - It's a little less magical than Phylomatic, but it's dead useful

Inscience - I'm not sure it'll catch on, but it could be a good way to start collaborations


Fun Related

RadioParadise - Commercial free, listener supported radio. Nourishment for your ears

MetaCritic - Fill your quota for sprawling prose describing the very latest in media releases

Vegweb - Fill your maw with gobs of vegetarian cuisine - If you like animals, and you like funny...


An Invitation to Collaborators

Life is too short to collect all the data you need to test every single idea you have. I know this, I accept this, and I expect it's true for everybody else. Navigate to this page to find a list of data that I have worked on, or have access to, as well as a list of null models I have produced. If you are interested in these data or models, contact me about collaboration. My kindergarten teacher would be oh so proud of this small effort to reach out and share.