Social Distancing via Leg Fracture

Hi everyone.

So 3506 is done anyway, my part anyway, as it’s just student presentations left. Stats, well, there’s still stuff to do, but I have all of the old classes available in podcast form!

Classes are cancelled. Mine already were because I broke my leg (!), but now the university has cancelled classes due to #COVID19 (which is the right call).

See you in September.

Music ‘First Semester Freedom Fighter’ by Hell of Highwater.

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Technical difficulties, and a few updates.

If you are wondering why there has not been much action here on the blog there are a few reasons. I was away at FuturePlay a couple of weeks ago for a week, so well, it is pretty hard to lecture from another city… Psychology 3906 is pretty much done, at least my part is, now it is student presentations. Some of those may be recorded if the students in question want to be on the interwebs. FInally, the other day my battery ran out in 3306. Oh yeah and this week I have tests to give in both 3306 and 2606.

Fall 2008 Term Starts Tomorrow

Which means, the lecturecasts restart soon. I will be doing a short talk for first year students, a bit different than the ones I have done recently. This will be just a few tips for success, that sort of thing.

This term I am teaching the following courses:

Psychology 2606 – Brain and Behaviour

Psychology 3306 – Learning

Psychology 3906 – Special Topics in Psychology: Evolutionary Psychology

I will be podcasting all of those. Lecturecasts themselves will start next week, as well, the first week is pretty much me saying ‘Hi my name is Dave, here is the course outline’ and stuff like that. Hardly compelling content…

To any new students or listeners, welcome, and to former students and long time listeners, welcome back!

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One Hundred Grand, Thanks To Everyone For Listening

So, the most recent feedburner stats show that the number of lecturecast downloads is now over 100 000. I am still at a bit of a loss as to the popularity.. howver, I appreciate the support. Too bad I cannot put ads on the site eh? Then again, I imagine the University might have something to say about that…

Anyway, keep listening, and do not forget to add yourself to the frappr map (the link is on the right there, just scroll down.

Break Time

No more lecturecasts until early May when the spring term starts up. Stay tuned for PSYC 1106 (Introduction to Psychology I) and PSYC 3506 (Neuropharmacology).

New Lecturecasts Start Thursday

Coming Thursday the lecturecasts return. I have had several people email me from all over asking when new ‘shows’ will be up. Well Classes started today, but well, the first class of the term in any course is the famou ‘Hi my name is Dave’ lecture, and really nobody wants to hear that.

So, stay tuned, Advanced Stats (3256) and Memory (3717) coming up on Thursday. If you check my web page and click on the calendar link you can get an idea of my schedule.

I hope everyone has a great term.