Hey everyone, it’s been a while eh? I thought I’d post a thing about how awesome my students are.

The regular lecture feed will resume in January of 2022 (I have a sabbatical coming up for the fall term.

Here’s to hoping we’re face to face by then!

Bonus Episode – Dave Mumby on Graduate School and How to Increase Your Chances of Getting In

My old friend, Dave Mumby of Concordia University, visited Algoma a couple of weeks back and gave a talk about getting in to grad school.  Dave is well suited for this, as he has written a book about the subject, which is entering its second edition.

Music “First Semester Freedom Fighter” by Hell or Highwater

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Bonus Episode – Fourcast Episode 14 – Attack of the 3D Clones

I recently appeared on an episode of the Fourcast Podcast.  Fourcast is hosted by Tom Merrit and Scott Johnson. 

Scott Johnson, author of the Extra Life and Experience Points comics, and host of The Instance, Extra Life Radio and AppSlappy podcasts joins Tom Merritt of CNET TV, Sword and Laser and East Meets West podcasts to predict the future. They’re a little lazy, so they bring on two guests every episode and make them do the work. (I stole that bit off the page for the show…)

I recently appeared on an episode with Dan Trachtenberg of the Totally Rad Show which appears on Revision 3.

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