Statistics 2126 – Tutors available

I received this email today from Barb Muio in the Learning Centre:


Please announce to your class that tutorial sessions will be held for Stats 2126 beginning this Friday February 9th.  The sessions will run from 1:00 – 3:00 in Room WW102.  If students would like one on one sessions I have 5 students available to help out in this course.   Students are allowed 6 hours of free tutoring per course per semester, but for this course only … I have removed the 6 hours and left it open for students to access the assistance.


Barbara Muio – Co-ordinator
Learning Centre / Special Needs
Algoma University College  (705) 949-2301 x4221

This is very cool, so take advantage of the tutoring if you need it.

3717 Signup sheet is up

The signup sheet for the presentations is outside my office door.  Please do not sign up for a time without first having your topic approved.