New Lecturecasts Start Thursday

Coming Thursday the lecturecasts return. I have had several people email me from all over asking when new ‘shows’ will be up. Well Classes started today, but well, the first class of the term in any course is the famou ‘Hi my name is Dave’ lecture, and really nobody wants to hear that.

So, stay tuned, Advanced Stats (3256) and Memory (3717) coming up on Thursday. If you check my web page and click on the calendar link you can get an idea of my schedule.

I hope everyone has a great term.

Next Term

I will be teaching ‘Memory’ and ‘Human Neuropsych’ next term. Those will be podcast for sure, but what about my stats class? Would people be into that? Leave comments here and let me know or email me. There will be no powerpoints for the stats class. If that helps you decide one way or another.

Psychology 2606 – The End

The Final class in 2606.  It is now final exam time so this is the final lecturecast of the Fall 06 academic year.  More lecturecasts starting in Early January of 2007.  Merry Christmas to everyone.

Music “Ordinary Day (In Hell)” by Quickie

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