Psychology 3306 – Instrumental Conditioning 04

Will we ever stop doing instrumental condiitoning?  Yeah sometime in November…

I apologize for the audio quality on this one, my battery on the iRiver mp3 recorder ran out and I had  to record with a Griffin iTalk and my iPod.  The iPod is a superior mp3 player, but not much of a recorder.  Indeed, I can record at 320 kBps on the iRiver, but only 16 on the iPod!

Music  “Come On Let’s Go” by Sound of a Revolution

Listen Now

Psychology 3906 Presentation Signup Sheet

The 3906 presentation signup sheet is available outside my office (SH 507) on the corkboard to the right of my office door.  If your presentation/essay topic has been approved please feel free to sign up for a time.  Remember, presentations are to be 10 minutes long and on a topic similar to that used in your paper, probably some interesting subsection.  Feel free to ask questions about the presentations by emailing, IMing me or leaving a comment here on the blog.

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