Psychology 1106 (Spring 2010) – Test 1 Marks Posted

Here you are.  They are out of 35, and they are quite well done!  The average is about 63, which is pretty good considering it is a spring class.  (Indeed, this is better than the average in the fall class of 2009).  Good job.  More importantly, nobody is in trouble at all.

Oh yeah, click here for your grade.

3 Replies to “Psychology 1106 (Spring 2010) – Test 1 Marks Posted”

  1. if you take the two students who got 0 then the class average is only about 53% which is really low, intro to psych should be at least an 80% very easy, upper level testing in dave’s classes are not based on multiple choice and are almost impossible to answer and the class average is about the same 53 percent, which is a waste of our $600………………

  2. Hey Yohan, and that is not your real name… You might want to consider a few things. First off, the average is not 53, those are out of 35. Secondly, university is not easy. Thirdly, I do not post grades of non intro classes typically as people get their ‘impossible’ tests back so I find it unlikely that you would know the grades on such impossible tests.. I’m just saying…

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