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  1. *Ahem.*

    Fizzbin is played in the episode named “A Piece of the Action.” (Even on Tuesday.) … No, more of a Trekker than a Trekkie. I have no costumes.

  2. Alas, no cable. (A roof antenna in upper Manhattan works surprisingly well, and it’s free. FREE, I say! For network only, though.) So the only Battlestar Galactica I’ve caught was in Israel last summer. It’s very interesting in Hebrew–incomprehensible, but interesting. But then, I suspect it might not make much sense coming in in the middle even in English.

    On a more cheerful note, I’ve been inspired to dig out my DVDs of TOS, and am watching Kirk put the bag on Oxmyx even as I type, so thanks!

  3. An antenna here would get me probably 6 or 7 statsions, ut not Space (the Canadian equivalent of Sci Fi). We have a dish. Much easier, better reception too….

    Somehow I think Hebrew would be great for BSG what with all of the quasi biblical stuff in it.

    If you are watching those, Balance of Terror, Best Episode Ever…

  4. Well, BSG did sound awfully important in Hebrew, but my last language classes were back in college, and my Hebrew is what might be charitably be called basic. BSG was not using basic vocabulary. And it probably didn’t help that I was coming in in the middle, either. Somehow, though, it made me think of Babylon 5, which I loved. I was very annoyed when they switched to cable, I only caught bits and pieces of the last season or two, I forget which.

    And yep, Balance of Terror is my #1, even though they never explained how the Romulan commander turned out to be Spock’s father. I never really got as into City on the Edge of Forever as most, Ellison or no Ellison. (The Trouble with Tribbles, of course, was the best humorous episode; even better in DS9’s revisit, Trials and Tribble-ations.)

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