The New Compass: A Critical Review

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In our fourth and final issue we are happy to publish articles by J.A. Burrow, Brian Crick and Michael DiSanto, and Christophe Fricker. We have a letter from Michèle Mendelssohn and reviews of Brian Crick's Love Confounded: Revaluing the Great Tradition by Russell Perkin and Martin Amis's The War Against Cliché by Richard Lansdown, while William Bartley's review of C.Q. Drummond's In Defence of Adam will be posted soon. We have a wealth of poetry from Mary Kathryn Arnold, R.L. Barth and Helen Pinkerton, Dick Davis, Karen Rae Keck, David Leightty, Tiree McGregor, and Moore Moran. R.L. Barth contributes a note on Yvor Winters's anthology of French poetry and Duke Maskell joins the conversation between Pat Menon and Sarah Emsley which began in the last issue.

We would like to thank all of the contributors and readers who made this journal possible. We especially thank Cameron Kroetsch and Allan Mitchell, our webmasters present and past, for making The New Compass a reality. And finally, thanks to our editorial board for their advice and assistance.

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