The New Compass: A Critical Review

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About The New Compass

In the tradition of The Compass: A Provincial Review (1977-80), edited by John Baxter, Colin Ross, John Thompson, and Jim Young at the University of Alberta, The New Compass (2003-2004) has sought to provide a place for spirited discussion and debate about literature. The editors are Michael John DiSanto and Sarah Emsley.

The New Compass has produced four issues, June 2003 (a special issue dedicated to C.Q. Drummond), December 2003, June 2004 (a special issue on the poetry and criticism of Yvor Winters), and December 2004. We are no longer accepting submissions. Many thanks to all those who submitted work to the journal over the last few years.

The New Compass is a member of the Canadian Association of Learned Journals.

ISSN: 1708-3133

For more information contact the editors:
Michael John DiSanto and Sarah Emsley