The New Compass: A Critical Review

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The New Compass 4 (December 2004)

Michael John DiSanto


Ticket to Rye: a Visit to Henry James's House
Michèle Mendelssohn


Thinking in Poetry: Three Medieval Examples
J.A. Burrow

Matthew Arnold's Place in the University
Brian Crick and Michael DiSanto

Translation in the Poetry of Dick Davis–and its Translation into German
Christophe Fricker


Catch as Catch Can
Mary Kathryn Arnold

An Epigrammatic Duel
R.L. Barth and Helen Pinkerton

Pasts, Turgeniev and Friends, Pit Stop in the Old West, Water, Chèvrefeuille, Edgar, Under $6 a bottle, Happiness, Getting Away
Dick Davis

Youth Alone
Karen Rae Keck

The Hurt, Two Rejoinders, On Nixon's Funeral, The Fault, Explanation in Three Parts
David Leightty

The Flux, Another Fragment
Tiree MacGregor

When Paris Lay at Helen's Side
Moore Moran


C.Q. Drummond's In Defence of Adam (forthcoming)
William Bartley

Part of the Trouble: Martin Amis's War
Richard Lansdown

Revaluing the Great Tradition and Confounding the Academy
J. Russell Perkin


Yvor Winters's Anthology of French Poetry
R.L. Barth

How Should We Talk About Books?
Duke Maskell


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