The New Compass: A Critical Review



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Deep Sleep


Warren Hope



1. A Mystery


They say the Lord works in mysterious ways;

And so the coma lasted for nine days.



2. Two of a Kind


My raked and spotted hands remind me of

The hands of someone I once loved who died.



3. Disagreeable


The doctors seem unable to agree

On which of several problems is the worst:

Aortic tear; blood clot above the knee;

Unwillingness to breathe; or constant thirst.



4. A Stranger


I have been home, now, from the hospital

For seven months—no, it is almost eight—

And yet I sometimes think I am there still,

And that a stranger eats meals from my plate.



5. Cured


A foul-mouthed goat who smoked and drank too much

Came back without a vice but on a crutch.



6. Homesick


Moving among the living once again,

I start to miss the place where I had been.







Hope, Warren. “Deep Sleep.” The New Compass: A Critical Review 2 (December 2003)  <>