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An Epigrammatic Duel
R.L. Barth and Helen Pinkerton

Abu Ghraib

R.L. Barth

Pure evil know no boundaries, no borders,
And soullessly continues "following orders."

Iraq: Abu Ghraib

Helen Pinkerton

The mass graves in the desert cry to us,
And those Saddam's pure evil would achieve.
Our failures: common sins, degraded lusts.
As impure acts, for these, also, we grieve.

New Sion

R.L. Barth

The City on the Hill still flourishes,
O ye of little faith; the Lord still speaks
Unto its leader--so its leader says;
And still the smoky fire of slaughter reeks.


Helen Pinkerton

No City on a Hill. A citadel,
Envied, besieged by partisans of Hell.
Beware, O Prince, some enemies inside
Dream the same dream of nihilistic pride.

Barth, R.L. and Pinkerton, Helen. "An Epigrammatic Duel." The New Compass: A Critical Review 4 (December 2004) []

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