The New Compass: A Critical Review

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Michael John DiSanto

This is the last issue of The New Compass. When Sarah and I were making plans for the journal some three years ago, we agreed to launch our experiment in literary criticism with the idea that we would assess our work after four issues before deciding whether or not to continue publishing. While we have published some outstanding works in our four issues, we have decided not to continue The New Compass at this time. Sarah and I share some reasons for discontinuing our experiment, none of which is surprising or exceptional: time limitations, the demands of other duties and responsibilities. We are both pleased with what The New Compass has accomplished and thank all of our contributors and the members of our editorial board. We thank our readers and writers for participating in our critical endeavour.

DiSanto, Michael John. "Editorial." The New Compass: A Critical Review 4 (December 2004) []

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