The New Compass: A Critical Review



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Jennie Batchelor is the Chawton Postdoctoral Fellow in Women’s Writing at the University of Southampton. She has published articles and reviews in Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture, Eighteenth-Century Life, Notes and Queries and Women’s Writing.


John Baxter is Professor of English at Dalhousie University, where he teaches Renaissance literature. He has written a number of articles on Shakespeare and a book on Shakespeare’s Poetic Styles (1980), and he has co-edited, with Patrick Atherton, Aristotle’s Poetics, by George Whalley (1997). He was one of the editors of The Compass.


Carmen Bugan is a doctoral student at Balliol College, in the University of Oxford. Her collection of poems, Crossing the Carpathians, will be published in October 2004 with Oxford Poets/Carcanet.


Bradin Cormack teaches in the Department of English at the University of Chicago.


Sarah Emsley is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford, and a Research Associate in English at Harvard University. Her book Jane Austen's Philosophy of the Virtues will be published next year by Palgrave Macmillan.


Kenneth Fields is Professor of English at Stanford, where he was a student of Winters and his co-editor on Quest for Reality.  His latest collection of poems, Classic Rough News, will be published by the University of Chicago Press this March.


Jeffrey Goodman is a poet who lives in Mobile, Alabama.


Gordon Harvey directs the Expository Writing program at Harvard University. He did his Ph.D. at Stanford University in the 1980s with Wesley Trimpi and Kenneth Fields.  He is writing a book on Edgar Bowers with the increasingly ironic title "What Time Provides."


Richard Hoffpauir received his B.A. and M.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, and his Ph.D. from University College London. He is the author of Romantic Fallacies (1986), The Art of Restraint: English Poetry from Hardy to Larkin (1991), and The Contemplative Poetry of Edwin Arlington Robinson, Robert Frost, and Yvor Winters (2002).  He taught at the University of Alberta from 1969 to 1998.


Barrie Mencher is the author of Betrothal (Two Novellas) published by The Brynmill Press. He was a regular contributor to The Human World and The Gadfly, and also contributed to other magazines including The Compass; more recently he has contributed articles on George Borrow and D. H. Lawrence to English Studies (Nijmegen). He taught English in various higher education institutions in Britain, before joining the Brynmill publishing team.


Helen Pinkerton Trimpi studied at Stanford University and Harvard University, and has taught literature at Stanford, Michigan State, and the University of Alberta. She now lives in Palo Alto, California. She has published essays on Edgar Bowers, Catherine Davis, Janet Lewis, and Yvor Winters, a scholarly book on Herman Melville, and five collections of poems, most recently Taken in Faith. In 1999 she won the Allen Tate Poetry Prize, from Sewanee Review.


David Sanders is the director of Ohio University Press and Swallow Press. His work has been collected in two chapbooks/fine editions, Time in Transit and Nearer to Town. His poetry has appeared most recently in The Atlanta Review, The Hudson Review, and The Southern Review. He lives in Athens, Ohio.


Bruce Stovel teaches English at the University of Alberta. He is the author of many essays on the novels of Jane Austen and co-editor of both Jane Austen's Business: Her World and Her Profession (1996) and The Talk in Jane Austen (2003).